Hello there!

Welcome to the Au pair 2 be blog. It is nice to have you here ! If you’ve already been to the mother website Au pair 2 be , you  no doubt noticed that there are a number of important au pairing issues that I did not tackle.   I have in mind a range of issues such as  au pair scams; questions to ask your potential au pair host family before accepting the job offer;  how and where to build your au pair social life;  how to select an au pair agency, be it virtual or physical… and so much more! Nope, this omission was not due to any sort of oversight on my part. It was all part of a plan ;-) ; the plan being to have it all in this interactive blog.

So, you are about to plunge into a blog that tells it as it is when it comes to everything and anything related to au pairing. Be sure to get my RSS updates , so that you’ll never miss out on any of the posts :-) . And of course, do feel free to share your comments, reactions and experiences!

One Response to “Hello there!”

  1. Julie Says:

    I was an aupair in Switzerland and while they made me sleep in a closet and iron for hours at a time. I also got to live on a yacht in St Tropez, Ski in the Alps, Stay in a mansion in Bologna, Live in a vineyard in the Italian mountains, so sometimes it is a trade off…the bad for the good. I loved the kids and this also made the abuse from the parents worth putting up with